Electrolyte Analyzer

  • Measured Parameters: K+, Na+, Cl, Ca++, Li+, pH and TCO2 
  • Auto-sampler for 24 samples and 1 emergency sample
  • 100 μl sample volume of whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine or CSF
  • 60 tests per hour throughput
  • Optional TCO2 measuring module
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Automatic two-point calibration
  • 2 level QC management and integrated statistical analysis
  • 240×128 dots touch LCD
  • Large data storage for 500 results
  • Integrated air-liquid-air-liquid rinsing mode to avoid carry-over
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Blood Gas Analyzer

  • 27 Test Parameters: pCO2, pO2, K+, Na+, Li+, Cl, Ca++, pH, Glu, Lac, tHb, Barometric Pressure, HCO3A, HCO3S, BE, BEecf (SBE), TCO2, BB, O2sat, O2CT, P50, AaDO2, Hct, H+, AGAP, SHUNT, Acid-base status
  • Up to 80 test/hour throughput
  • Fully upgradable
  • Modular Electrode Design
  • Individually packed Calibration and Rinse Solutions
  • Fully Flexible Calibration Process – Choose between Standard or Economy Modes
  • Probe: Whole Blood, Arterial Blood, Urine, Plasma, Respiration Gases
  • 4-Level QC with a separate Database
  • Up to 32000 Test Measurements with QC Data sets
  • Built-in Thermal Printer
  • 5.4” illuminated LCD Display
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Bilirubin Analyzer

An advanced and innovative Bilirubin Analyzer. It is to analyze the ‘total bilirubin’ through a micro capillary tube in order to follow the new born icterus course. A precise sample measurement of both bilirubin and interferential on the same point of the capillary is carried-out by a special reading system. The reading is carried out even on a small quantity of serum. No reagents are required. NEO BIL Plus is equipped with a built in printer for the results sequential printing.

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