Self-Initiated Movement Therapy By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring enables patients to use any remaining motor functions and encourages them to achieve a higher number of reach and grasp movements based on specific therapy goals

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Erigo Therapy

Early and Safe Mobilization Even in Acute Care
Mobilization and verticalization of immobile patients with little or no capacity for interaction can be very demanding and challenging—especially in acute care—and can compromise the well-being of patients and therapists

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Pulley therapy

ARCHIMEDES System is an open pulley therapy system that offers a wide range of exercises of various types, to meet the needs of the professional and the patients. More specifically, it is made up of modular structures that can be adapted to suit operating needs and the space available, a set of harnesses for different areas of the body, and other equipment that complete what is required. The system allows creativity in designing specific rehabilitation programs

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Combined therapy

Equipment for combined therapy – one channel for 1/3 MHz ultrasound therapy and electro therapy with 2 independent channels and 25 wave forms. In ultrasound therapy, a sensor allows the energy to be supplied only when there is contact with the patient, sending the operator a visual and auditory feedback. In electrotherapy, instead, the microcontrollers to the power boards verify in real time that the selected current is deliver correctly and report any possible anomalies

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Therapy tables

Six sections Bobath table for treatment and static exercises in supine position. Height-adjustable up to 250 kg (safe load), or tilt adjustable from 0° to 90° up to 190 kg, with wall power supply, 24V low voltage, and operated by hand control. It is fitted with tilt angle indicator; Height adjustable from 55 to 105 cm.

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Electric wheelchair

The sigma gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want. It combines all the best features in one electric wheel chair. Thanks to the sigma’s unique suspension and the LiNX steering, driving becomes an amazingly smooth experience and delivers an excellent performance in outdoor usage

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Active Wheelchair

Sportive The Sagitta is a modern, active wheelchair which can be fully personalized. Armrests, largest and adjustable measurements are all part of it. The maximum is weight is only 9,5 kg due to its fixed frame in light aluminum. Available in a wide range of colors, spoke protectors with colorful prints and a wide variety in front and rear wheels

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Racing Wheelchair

Designed for speed, the Invacare® Top End® EliminatorTM OSR racing wheelchair offers exceptional stability and aerodynamics. The EliminatorTM OSR racing wheelchair features a relaxed head tube angle for great cornering and maximum traction

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Hip Support

The Unloader Hip brace is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion and proprioceptive control for patients suffering from mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA), thus contributing to hip stability and improved mobility.

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Knee Support

Unloader One® is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile brace that provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage. Utilizing Össur’s clinically proven 3-Points of Leverage, the dual Dynamic Force Straps are easily fine-tuned using the SmartDosing® system. Recent research demonstrates that Unloader One reduces pain, improves function and decreases the use of pain medication.

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Upper Limb Bionics

i-limbTM quantum is the new standard for myo-electric prosthetic hands. Incorporating our patented i-moTM technology, i-limbTM quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limbTM quantum in one of four directions – it really is that simple.

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Hip Joints

Prosthetic hip joint is designed to work harmoniously with the other Ottobock components you select for your hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients.

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Knee Joints

prosthetic knee joint offers security in the stance phase and harmonious movement patterns in addition to a high flexion angle

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Single Axis Feet

Constructed of strong, lightweight composites and an advanced design, offers the most progressive Single Axis Foot available. Ten to twenty percent lighter than conventional Single Axis Feet, this low activity model features a unisex, lifelike, water- resistant cosmesis and interchangeable anterior and posterior bumpers in three durometers. Available with a molded-in titanium pyramid. It features a lifelike cosmesis and interchangeable anterior and posterior bumpers in three durometers.

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LITE Liner® Gel

LITE Liner® Gel are made of biocompatible thermoplastic elastomer Gel (TPE). This gel minimizes shearing loads and offers high comfort especially for sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs. For very atypical residual limbs, the LITE Liner® Gel can be thermo plastically reshaped at approx. 80 °C.

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Stump Sock

  • for below knee stump
  • with reinforced opening for pin
  • machine washable at 60 °C
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Stump Sock with Gel Layer

Thermoplastic elastomer gel sandwiched between two cotton socks        

  • for very sensitive residual limbs
  • provides optimum fit even for irregularly-formed residual limbs
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