Infant Warmer

Warmer with its user friendly and modular design and homogeneous heating zone has been designed to meet different needs of neonates and clinicians.

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Infant Incubator

Infant incubator has been designed to create a reliable and stable micro environment for neonates, to guarantee an easy to use user interface, quality and reliability for clinicians.

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360° Phototherapy

Multi-directional intensive phototherapy system has been designed for the fastest serum bilirubin breakdown and elimination of blood exchange.

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LED Phototherapy

Super LED Technology offers faster bilirubin serum breakdown with its super LED technology, high intensity radiation and advanced monitoring.

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Infant Resuscitation

Provides pressure controlled resuscitation for infants in delivery rooms, emergency, transport and NICU.

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Bilicot LED Phototherapy

Ideal phototherapy equipment which provides a safe and an intense phototherapy treatment.

LED designed to treat babies with uncomplicated jaundice, beside mother.

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