Welcome to Vertrin International

Launched in 2008, Vertrin International has been in the forefront in Medical, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Rescue products and Environmental Monitoring Systems. Vertrin has become a trusted name among its customers, when it comes to quality of the products and meeting deadlines. Most of the products are imported from the USA and European Countries representing market leaders around the world thus assuring quality.

Medical Devices

The health of individual plays a pivotal role in his ability to perform.

Our healthcare products, ranging from A to Z contribute towards keeping the nation healthy. The quality products that we deal in, assure our customers and clients a trustworthy service. This is backed by our aftersales services provided by our expert technicians.
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Rehabilitation Products

Rehabilitation is a paramount branch in medicine that allows those with impairments or disabilities to restore self-sufficiency and mobility.

Imported from the World’s best renowned and reputed manufacturers, our rehabilitation products help in no uncertain terms to regain mobility, particularly when an individual has lost his/her limbs. We are specialist in the fields of physiotherapy and rescue.
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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Leading Providers of Premium Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

Discover top-tier products for accurate and reliable environmental monitoring. Our range includes cutting-edge sensors, advanced data loggers, and comprehensive software, all designed to ensure precise environmental assessment and compliance. Trust our expertise to support your sustainability goals.
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Our suppliers

All our suppliers are specialists in their own field, having built a reputation over a period of time. This ensures that only the best quality products reach our valuable clients.

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Who we serve

Our clients consist of the tri-forces, the national health sector and the private health sector.